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Curricular Transition Planning Primary to Secondary


Every child and young person is entitled to experience a broad general education.

Building the Curriculum 3: A framework for learning and teaching, p14

Education Scotland indicates that all children and young people have an entitlement to a curriculum which they experience as a coherent whole, with smooth and well-paced progression through the experiences and outcomes, particularly across transitions, for example from primary to secondary.

As a learning community we have already started to joint plan the learning experiences we offer our young people across each of our establishments to ensure that all young people have experienced learning opportunities that provide the foundations to scaffold their future learning.  For example the English Big Writing project and the Science programme, which creates robust assessment evidence through joint moderation.  However, if we are to fully embrace the BGE, we should provide learning opportunities across all of the curricular areas that are established in the primary sector and built upon in the secondary.

As a learning community we would suggest that we have yet to plan coherent learning experiences from level 2 to level 3 focusing on the significant aspects of learning in the following areas:


•Social studies

•Expressive arts


Religious education

The Challenge for the Learning community in 2015-16 is to create planning events that provide a coherent learning programme from primary to secondary to commence session 2016-17.