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Faculty Aims
  • To provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment in which all pupils can discover the exciting world of Science as relevant to the curriculum.
  • To ensure that the curriculum on offer within the Science Faculty reflects our Roman Catholic way of life.
  • To ensure that all the structures in place in the Science Faculty will afford the opportunity for maximum rigour and attainment.
  • The framework for learning in the Faculty reflects the strong whole school partnership – between Home, School and Parish, where the chances for life long learning are maximised.
  • The Faculty ethos will reflect our Christian Values and provide a powerful learning environment for all our students, promoting maximum success for all ages and abilities.
  • To develop the ability of pupils to apply these scientific skills, knowledge & understanding to everyday situations.
  • To develop the ability of pupils to solve scientific problems.
  • To support the principle of Social Inclusion for all.
  • To support the National Priorities in Education as detailed in our School Aims.
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