St Andrew’s RC Secondary School has always been a school that wants to provide their learners with skills to make them stand out from the rest. This has led us to move towards SCQF School Ambassador programme. This is governed by the the SCQF Partnership , which is an independent, non-biased Scottish Registered Charity.

They work with a wide range of awarding bodies, professional bodies and other programme owners to ensure a variety of different types of learning is recognised on the Framework supporting Scottish Government’s aim to ensure parity of esteem of all learning pathways and ensuring the Framework is truly learner centred.

The SCQF is a way of comparing and describing Scottish qualifications. It covers the qualifications you will achieve at school, college, university and in the workplace. It does this by giving each qualification a level and credit points.The level of a qualification shows how difficult the learning is. The credit points show how much time it takes you to achieve that qualification. For example, one person may study a course at National 4 (SCQF level 4) and another at Higher (SCQF level 6). Both qualifications have 24 SCQF credit points but have different levels of difficulty.

The SCQF helps you make sense of qualifications and plan the next stage of your learning journey. You can also compare vocational and more traditional qualifications and see that, although they are very different types of learning, in many cases they sit at the same SCQF level.

The SCQF Partnership have a SCQF School Ambassador programme that makes sure that all the amazing work on enhancing learning pathways being done in secondary schools across Scotland is recognised, highlighted and celebrated. There are now 3 levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) in the process, with schools required to upload evidence to demonstrate how they are meeting the criteria of each level. 

Further Information

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