Recognising Achievement within St Andrew's

  • Teacher Praise
  • Recogition at Assemblies
  • Recognition within PSHE Lessons
  • Classroom/Corridor Displays
  • Badges (Department/Club/Whole School)
  • Departmental Awards (Pupil of the Month, Badges)
  • School Website
  • Twitter Account (Whole School/Departments)
  • Parents’ Evenings/Reports/Tracking
  • Plasma Screens
  • Awards Ceremonies
    • Subject Awards
    • Wellbeing Ambassador Award
    • Crest Awards (Go4Set, Coding, BIOGAS Generation)
    • Children's University Award
    • Kelvin College - Spirit Award
    • Award for Musical Theatre
    • Charities Award
    • Passion for the Arts - Drama
    • Passion for the Arts - Music
    • Passion for the Arts - Art and Design 
    • The Golden Compass Award - Top Design and Technology Student
    • The Personal Achievement Award in Design and Technology
    • John Lebidis Trophy for the Most Promising Woodwind Player
    • Dr John McBride Memorial Cup for Services to Music
    • Services to Pastoral and Liturgical Life of the School
    • Duke of Edinburgh
    • Outstanding Sports Performance 
    • Cardinal Winning Memorial Prize for Services to Catholic Education
    • St John Berchman Award
    • Head Boy and Head Girl
  • Accredited Awards
    • Saltire Awards
    • Diana Awards
    • Duke of Edinburgh Awards
    • Caritas Awards
  • References

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