In order to prepare our children and young people for the social and economic impact of technology, we must support them to develop the social, emotional and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges and adapt to the demands of the digital world.

This generation of children has come into a world in which digital technology is abundant. Their world is a world of technology which they start interfacing with from a very young age.

The majority of children in St Andrew’s Secondary School are increasingly adept at using technology, to present, communicate, create, share, edit, photograph, learn, find out, explore and research. However, it is important that we ensure that all pupils in our school are equipped with the skills they might require to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape.

In St Andrew’s Secondary School we encourage the use of digital learning as a means of supplementing and enhancing the learning and teaching experience. The children are presented with a wide range of opportunities and experiences to ensure they can successfully utilise their digital skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts.

St Andrew's RC Secondary Digital Learning Strategy 2021-22

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