Each registration class has a Pupil Support Teacher. They are classroom teachers who have extra responsibility for your child's welfare. Your child's Pupil Support Teacher will be the member of staff with whom you have the most dealings during your time here. 

You may have different subject teachers during your time at St Andrew's Secondary, but we will endeavour to ensure you will always have the same Pupil Support Teacher where possible. This means that there is a member of staff with whom you will have regular contact and who will get to know you very well. 

Pupil Support Teachers have several roles including: 

  • Making sure your child is settling into Saint Andrew's 
  • Talking with you about your child's progress
  • Talking to your child's teachers on your and or your child's behalf
  • Writing reports and references for your child
  • Discussing your child's reports with you and your child
  • Giving you and your child advice on the curriculum
  • Helping your child achieve his / her full potential
  • Monitoring your child's progress
  • Monitoring your child's attendance

Who are the Pupil Support Teachers?

How do I contact my child's Pupil Support Teacher?

Parents and Carers are always welcome to contact the school and should not hesitate to get in touch if something is causing concern.

Pupil Support Teachers are also classroom teachers so where possible we request that Parents or Carers email using the relevant email address above or contact the school office to arrange an appointment if you wish to talk to your Pupil Support Teacher.  


Your are requested to inform our school if your child is likely to be absent for a period of time and to give them a note on his or her return to school - with a reason for the absence. Your son / daughter should give this to his / her Pupil Support Teacher as soon as possible. 

Home School Support Workers

Susan Neilson and Fiona O’Kane work closely with Pupil Support Teachers to:

  • Positive link between home and school
  • Build positive relationships with pupils and families
  • Support and improve attendance and timekeeping
  • Work closely with the Pupil Support Team
  • Work within the St Andrew’s Learning Community e.g. feeder primary schools
  • Track and monitor attendance