Like all the Arts, Drama allows students to communicate with and understand each other in new ways. It is also an important tool for preparing young people to live and work in an ever-changing society and helps students develop a broad range of social skills including tolerance and empathy.

Broad General Education: S1 - S3

From S1 – S3, learners in Drama continue progressing through the Experiences and Outcomes of the Broad General Education and developing their understanding of the subject.  
Classes are of mixed ability and range from levels 3 to 4 of the Scottish Curriculum. They follow planned learning in accordance with the benchmarks set out by the Government and three significant aspects of learning – creating, presenting and evaluating. Their experiences are also structured so that they progress at their own pace. The course includes various units of work including:

  • Mime and Movement  
  • Voice Skills  
  • The Drama Process  
  • Character Development  
  • Theatre Arts  

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